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About Us

ANUNNAKI CONSULTING GROUP LLC is a; Disabled Veteran/African American Owned Small, Emerging Business. We have evolved from a U.S. Defense Security Contracting Agency (Incorporated since April 2002), while diversifying our services portfolio to includes Security, Travel and Political Consulting. We take pride in our years of industry experience, and clients can rely on us to provide them with professional, confidential, and personalized services.

Since January 1984, our company has successfully handled city, county, state, and national political campaigns. We participated greatly in the success of 1984 Presidential Campaign (Reverend Jessie Jackson; 1984 - 1990 (Various State Senate Campaigns); 1990 & 1994 Sheriff's Campaigns (Freddie L. McCullough); 1991 City Mayoral Campaign (Dr. Willie Herenton); 2002 & 2009 County & City Mayoral Campaigns (A. C. Wharton); 2008 and 2012 Presidential Campaigns (Barack Obama); and, 2016 Presidential Campaign and Administration of (President Donald John Trump).


Meet Our Leaders

Freddie Lee McCullough

United States Air Force Veteran - Law Enforcement Technician/Security Specialist


Founder/Managing Member/CEO

  • Handled Federal, State, County, and City Government bi-partisan campaigns since January 1984!
  • Set the standard for American political campaigns because we are driven to be the best and make a difference for our clients and America!
  • Craft effective strategies and employed best practices so our clients win at the ballot box and in the halls of government. We fight to defend political free speech as an essential foundation of democracy, while promoting excellence by recruiting and recognizing the best in our profession!
  • Share PROFESSIONAL Skill Sets, resources, and networks designed to assist our members with their abilities and needs to thrive and WIN in various Political, Travel and Security disciplines!


Founder/Executive Consultant, Business Development

  • Provided armed/unarmed guards, security patrol, training, armored car, investigation, and political consulting services to federal agencies.
  • Founded U.S. Defense Security Agency
  • Served Part-Time Assisting Company’s President with managing executive staff’s operational activities including planning meetings, managing projects, and overseeing senior management staff’s job performance
  • Builted client relationships with National Government Contracting Officers, develop and implement business strategies designed to secure U.S. Defense security contracts, select and manage vendors, respond to Bid Proposal Requests from U.S. military and Department of Homeland Security Agencies.
  • Served as Criminal Investigator for Public Defender’s Office

Fred is a reputable Business Director with DECADES of experience establishing and managing successful divisions for organizations ranging from governmental agencies to security and healthcare enterprises.

Fred built a successful security agency and navigated the business through turbulent waters during the past 18 years.  Fred attributes his business longevity success to the Grace, Mercy, Favor of God; and, by adopting the following “Seven Laws of Success”!

  • The Law of Difference from (Evolve from Pain to Plan)!
  • The Law of a prepared Mind (Setting Goals – Adding Focus – Following Instructions)!
  • The Law of Recognition (Everything needed for success is close to you)!
  • The Law of Two (We are one person away from our destiny)!
  • The Law of Place (Success is granted through recognizing and taking advantage of being in the right place at the right time)!
  • The Law of Seed (Whatever you sow in life or business, you will reap "Seven Fold" greater returns unto you)!
  • The Law of Honor (Our future can be determined by the person you choose to honor; or, whom you choose to dishonor)!

Atline Weary-McCullough 

Schering-Plough Corp - FEDEX - Worley Logistics - Aims Logistics - International Paper

Billing/Logistics Analyst

Anunnaki Consulting Group


  • Has primary responsibilities and emphasis in areas of Public Sector Services, Administration, Business Logistics and Billing!

Memphis/Shelby County Code Enforcement, Memphis, Tennessee

Fleet Service Manager 

Assistant Office Coordinator

Senior Permit System Technician

Administrative Technician

  • Controlled, collected, verified, and organized statistical information and pertinent data from a variety of governmental sources; analyzed and interpreted collected data providing comparative analyses as required.

President / Managing Member 

  • Provided inspirational leadership and direction to all executives, and ensured continued development; and, cultivated a strong and transparent working relationship with the Board and ensured open communication.

Sherrod Rune' Baldwin  

Anunnaki Consulting Group


  • Primary responsibilities encompasses all financial related business operations and opportunities.

Idaho State University , Pocatello, ID

Leadership Training Experience    

Bachelor of Business Administration

Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID

Emphasized:  Management/Marketing


Investment Management Analyst

Clearwater Analytics Investment Management

Roving Financial Services Officer

Idaho Central Credit Union, Treasure Valley, ID

Financial Services Officer
Idaho Central Credit Union, Chubbuck, ID

  • Business Certified- Handled opening/maintenance of business accounts, roles and business regulatory compliance for business members.

CBRS Specialist

Access Point Family Services, Pocatello, ID

Computer/Technical Productive Adaptable

Determined Honest Personable

Creative Energetic Reliable

Diplomatic Resourceful Outgoing

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