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New Millennium Political, Travel and Security Consulting

Your Safety and Success Is Our Top Priority

ANUNNAKI CONSULTING GROUP LLC is a "new millennium" Political, Travel and Security Consulting Agency based in Memphis, Tennessee.  We assist clients in planning political campaigns, designing travel packages and conducting evaluations of buildings/site and personal security threats to businesses, as well as, public figures & organizations. Our clients includes: National Federal/State/County/City Political Campaigns, Travel Professionals, Commercial Enterprises and Government/VIP's at various levels!

Mission Statement

We shall endeavor to set the highest customer service standards for American political campaigns, travel and security consulting services industry wide!  We shall endeavor to deliver the very BEST Customer Service & Clients Care while creating effective strategies and employ the best practices so that our clients win at the ballot boxes, enjoy wonderful travel experiences and SECURE, as well as, manage Government Security Contracts.

Vision Statement

It is our desire to help our clients define, refine, repair, and manage perceptions important to their relationships with the public (voters) and their targeted audiences; experience International Travel; and, assist Small Businesses with procuring Government Security Contracts, secure VIP Personnel, Commerical Properties and Churches while promoting excellence in ALL areas of our professional services!

Our Services

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